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Parsnip Soup or Soupe au Panais

The first winter I spent in Provence I felt that there was something lacking in the vegetable department in my local market, but couldn’t quite put my finger on

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Heart Basket

Uzès on a cold winter’s day

Most people when they think of Provence, think of sunflowers, lavender, sunshine, blue skies, a glass of rosé wine and a handful of olives on the table.  This is

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Pot au Feu with Marrow bone

Pot au Feu

I drove back from the UK last week, to find Provence experiencing the coldest weather I have ever known.  I could feel the wind shaking the car as I

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Northern Lights

…from Ylläs, Finish Lapland

Finland, or more precisely, Finnish Lapland, was not a place I had considered visiting; I do not have children to take to Santaland and couldn’t imagine another reason for

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When we first came to Provence, it was a second home and so we didn’t ship any of our possessions.  Besides buying new beds, a fridge and cooker, I

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